Software and Communication


Many software developers believe that programming revolves primarily around problem solving. However, I believe that software is (at least) equally about communication. When writing code, we are not only instructing the computer but also conveying information to those who may interact with our work in the future. It’s essential to be mindful of our audience, as they may not possess the same level of understanding or context as we do.

While utilizing advanced language features or abstractions might simplify the writing or extension of our own code, they can also create barriers for others attempting to comprehend and collaborate on the project. It’s important to weigh the time it takes for someone to become familiar with and grasp the system in question.

Just as you would adapt your language in a conversation to ensure effective communication, you should also strive to make your code accessible and straightforward. This approach is particularly important when collaborating with a team that has varying levels of experience or expertise, as it enables all members to quickly grasp and contribute to the project at hand.